The 39 Clues: Cahills vs. Vespers Book 6- Day of Doom Full Book- David Baldacci - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. The original novella from David Baldacci highlights this collection of football mysteries from the greatest names in suspense. In the title thriller, college football . The 39 Clues. The Clue Hunt. The Maze of Bones. File Size: kb. File Type: pdf. Download File. One False Note. File Size: kb. File Type: pdf. Download.

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Read about Day of Doom, Book 6 of The 39 Clues: Cahills vs. Vespers series by David the whole world goes BOOM. Get the book or Get a Sneak Peek (PDF). The 39 Clues: Cahills vs. Vespers has 12 entries in the series. Vespers (Series ). Book 5. Linda Sue Park Author (). cover image of Day of Doom. Dan sees no other choice. The Vespers have broken their promise to release the hostages, so it must be done. He's worked long and hard to.

Jonah is a Janus , wherein Cora serves as one of the branch leaders.

Although Broderick is not a Cahill, he knows three more Clues than his family suspect he knows. Nellie Gomez Also from Massachusetts serves as their au pair and supervisor.

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Amy is fourteen years old while Dan is eleven. Both of them have jade eyes. Amy, however, is agoraphobic and pyrophobic ,; [2] [31] while Dan has asthma and is claustrophobic. Surprisingly, they have collected as many Clues as everyone in the hunt, with the help of Nellie Gomez.

In the end , Amy and Dan reunite the Cahill family altogether, bringing peace to every Cahill who worked almost years for finding the 39 Clues. Their branch is revealed late in the series to be Madrigals; the secret fifth branch descended from Madeleine Cahill. She died [33] when she was seventy-nine years old. Even though, she managed to keep all the Clues safe in her hands until her death just after she altered her will and thus started the quest. During his childhood, he once had a dog named Oliver.

He is the one who told the seven teams about the quest. He had been following Amy and Dan Cahill since the beginning of the quest. After the death of Grace Cahill, he was instructed to lead the group with the help of Fiske Cahill.

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He dies in the second book of the second series. He does not have a card, but appears in No. Isabel Kabra[ edit ] Isabel Kabra is the main antagonist of the first series, and mother of Ian and Natalie.

She was the one who murdered Amy and Dan's parents, and she eventually murdered Irina Spasky as well. She created the Master Serum as part of an attempt to become the most powerful Human on Earth, but the vial containing it smashed. She was knocked out, and later taken into police custody. To get out of prison, she created a service called AidsWorksWonders, but it is revealed later that she simply pays people to claim that her organization helped them.

In Day of Doom, It is revealed that she is Vesper two, the shield. It's also revealed that she was faking texts sent by Arthur Trent to Dan, in order to make Dan give her information about the Master Serum.

Day of Doom (The 39 Clues: Cahills vs. Vespers, #6)

In the end of Day of Doom, she sees the dead body of her daughter, Natalie and assuming that Vesper One killed her, she swears to take revenge on him. She drinks the Master Serum which stole from Dan, and she storms into the room where Cahills and Vespers are fighting killing every Vesper in her way. She then attacks Vesper One, and meanwhile she prevents Amy and Dan to do so.

She eventually destroys The Machina Fini Mundi and she causes a massive explosion which kills both her and Vesper One. Later on, it was revealed that, only a few hours after Isabel's arrest, he chartered a plane to Brazil to avoid questioning. In Doublecross , Vikram is revealed to be working with Hartford.

His card is No. His best friend was Nikilovana Spasky. He was a Lucian. He was next in line to be the leader of Lucians, but he was killed by Isabel Kabra. He was killed five months after his son was born. He was the best friend of Ruslan Radova. He does not have a card. He is commonly holding his silver-tipped cane. His twin brother, Gordon, was murdered by a killer he hired sixty years ago. When Alistair returned from the Madrigal gauntlet, he tricked Bae into confessing that he killed Gordon Oh and Bae was subsequently arrested for murder, arms dealing, assault, and battery.

He was tortured to death. He is frequently competing with Eisenhower Holt for the branch leadership, even though he already has the position. She is the youngest person to receive a Nobel Prize in Literature. When he would not step down, Cora Wizard leaked fake documents about him and he stepped down in disgrace.

She was bribed by Cora Wizard to step down from her post as leader.

Ian inherited the multi-millionaire estate and art dealership. In Unstoppable, Ian is given the role as Cahill dictator after Amy's retirement. After breaking under the pressure of leading, Ian hands the leadership role back to Amy.

However, his leadership is questionable due to Cora's return in Mission Hurricane. In Mission Titanic, she joins Hartford in betraying Ian. In Mission Atomic, she escapes the greenhouse, and is said to have gone into hiding along with Tomas leader Magnus Handson, Vikram Kabra, and other traitors.

Founders[ edit ] A collage of the images found behind Cards No. The collage forms a painting made by artist Fiske Cahill. The painting features the four Cahill founders from left to right: Katherine, Thomas, Jane, and Luke fighting each other for causing their house going on fire and the death of their father Gideon center right.

Their mother Olivia bottom right screams in terror. Six black-coated men are also seen leaving the scene far left and far right. On the left is Damien Vesper, leader of the Vespers; and on the right is some of Damien's followers, fleeing the scene. Vesper was going to get the serum by any means, but Gideon set the house on fire. Gideon Cahill[ edit ] Gideon Cahill from Cahill Island, Ireland [47] is the father of the founders of the five branches.

He was one of the smartest scientists in Ireland in his time, having discovered how to turn lead into gold. However, in his efforts to find a cure, he discovered a serum that would enhance an individual's abilities in every kind of human endeavor, but it killed him from inside. Thus, he gave each of his children a part of the formula for safe guarding, improving their skills.

He did this not simply because he wanted to see the transformation as it was happening. He also wanted to do this because Dan Cahill was about to disappear forever. He wanted to see himself one last time, before he became something else irreversibly.

There was also the other thing. He had no idea what the serum would really do to him. It might end up killing him. Only one person had ever taken the stuff, and that had been over five centuries ago.

What Dan desperately wanted — indeed, the only reason why he had gathered the necessary ingredients and concocted the formula — was to have the serum convey on him extraordinary powers, both physically and intellectually, with which to fight and beat the Vespers.

But they might come at an enormous cost. It might be that the human body was not built to contain such forces, at least not for long. He just needed it long enough to defeat the Vespers, rescue the hostages, and save the world. It was a short, though substantial, bucket list. I am willing to die for this. He mouthed the words, so he could see himself saying them in the mirror. This is the end for me.

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It was heady stuff for a thirteen-year-old with his whole life ahead of him. Well, my life just got a whole lot shorter. It will be worth it. He felt noble. He felt right.

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He also felt nothing happening. He stared more closely at the mirror. Same hair, same height, same bone structure. His skin was not turning green. He did not look the least bit psycho.

Massive muscles were not plating themselves on top of his normal ones. He checked his watch. Twenty minutes had passed. And nothing. Something was wrong. Something was terribly freaking wrong.

Had he not done the formula correctly? Had one of his shortcuts ruined the whole process? Right then she stepped from the shadows thrown by a bulky armoire set against a far corner of the room.

His sister, Amy, sixteen years old and the de facto leader of the Cahill clan, looked back at him. She was tall and pretty and unbelievably smart. Are you sure you don't want to finish? You're almost done! I'll sign up later. Close Search. Error loading the service.

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Day of Doom

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Get The Book.Hacked Sineads e-mail account. If he doesn't, his best friend will surely die. Throughout the books, Hamilton provides the best defense for Amy and Dan Cahill during their alliances, especially in Into the Gauntlet. Well, my life just got a whole lot shorter. Blond hair, shoulder length?

Ian also has feelings for Amy Cahill, despite the disagreement of his mother. Something was terribly freaking wrong.