proceedings under this Act are initiated against them during their service or within one year E&D RULES, PRSO AND PEEDA An Act to provide for proceedings against the employees in government and (1 ) This Act may be called the Punjab Employees Efficiency. PEEDA. Government Employees. Corporation Employees. Retired Employees. Whole Punjab. Provided that proceedings under this Act are initiated against.

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I am directed to refer to the subject noted above and to find enclosed herewith a copy of Gazette Notification regarding Guidebook for. The Punjab Employees Efficiency, Discipline And Accountability (Amendment) Act, KB. Download. Icon. Amendment in The PEEDA Act, The Punjab Employees Efficiency, Discipline and Accountability Act , known as PEEDA Act. Download complete PEEDA Act PDF.

Court Judgments Double jeopardy:— Competent Authority must give reasons for shorter procedure—No body can be vexed twice—No show-cause notice served—Impugned order set-aside appeal allowed the authorities however allowed to initiate fresh proceedings.

PLJ Tr. C Services 1 Enquiry proceedings conducted by Anti-Corruption Establishment and enquiry ordered by competent Authority—Effect—Earlier Enquiry Proceedings conducted by Anti-Corruption Establishment against petitioner were independent from enquiry ordered by Competent Authority under S.

P L J SC Constitutional petition - Show-cause notice was issued to petitioners stating that their appointments were made on extraneous considerations - Petitioners filed their replies contending that their appointments were duly made under R.

Suspension A person against whom action is proposed to be taken under sub-section 1 of Section 3 may be placed under suspension with immediate effect if. Power to appoint an Inquiry officer or Inquiry Committee: 1 Subject to the provisions of sub-section 2 , the competent authority shall before passing an order under section 3, appoint an Inquiry Officer or Inquiry Committee to scrutinize the conduct of a person in Government service or a person in corporation service, who is alleged to have committed any of the facts or omissions specified in Section 3.

The Inquiry Officer, or, as the case may be the Inquiry Committee shall, a communicate to the accused the charges and statement of allegations specified in the order of inquiry passed by the competent authority b require the accused within seven days from the day the charge is communicated to him to put in a written defence c enquire into the charge and may examine such oral or documentary evidence in support of the charge or in defence of the accused as may be considered necessary and the accused shall be entitled to cross-examine the witnesses against him and d hear the case from day-to-day and no adjournment shall be given except for special reasons to be recorded in writing and intimated to the competent authority.

On receipt of the reply, the competent authority may pass such orders as it may deem fit. Powers of the Inquiry Officer or Inquiry Committee. The Inquiry Officer or Inquiry Committee shall have power, a to summon and enforce attendance of any person and examine him on oath. Procedure to be followed by the Inquiry Officer or Inquiry Committee.

Order to be passed upon a finding Every finding recorded by the Inquiry Officer or, as the case may be. Inquiry Committee under Section 5, shall, with the recommendation provided for in that section, be submitted to the competent authority and the competent authority may pass such orders thereon as it may seem property in accordance of the provisions of this Ordinance.

Representation and review 1 A person who has been dismissed or removed or, compulsorily retired form service or reduced to lower post or pay scale or against whom any order has been made under Section 3 by the competent authority may.

PEEDA ACT 2006 Updated Urdu Version

II of for the word Chief Executive. Provided further that the recommendations of the inquiry officer or the inquiry committee. Provided that the borrowing organization shall forthwith inform the lending organization of the circumstances leading to the order of his suspension and the commencement of the proceedings: Provided further that the borrowing organization shall obtain prior approval of the lending organization before taking any action under this Act.

Provided that where the appellate or review authority proposes to enhance the penalty. Provided that where the order has been passed by the Chief Minister.

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Procedure of inquiry against officers lent to other governments. Chief Secretary or the Administrative Secretary or any other appellate authority may call for the record of any proceedings within one year of the order of exoneration or imposition of a penalty. Appearance of counsel. Provided that no order.

Provided that in case of retired employee. IX of IV of VIII of This Act was passed by the Punjab Assembly on 2 October Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles.

United States v. Rivera-Clemente, 1st Cir.

Joseph Cusack, F. Shamel Burten, 28 F.

The Punjab Employees Efficiency, Discipline and Accountability Act 2006

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Beverly Tran.Good Governance is major issue in all parts of Pakistan. The time lag inserted in the above referred provision of law is manifestly intended to safeguard the interest of the pensioners so that the sword of Damocles should not hang upon them for an indefinite period.

Beverly Tran. UK Home Office: Bare perusal of section 1 4 iii of PEEDA shows that PEEDA will apply, if proceedings under it are initiated against retired employees of Government and Corporation during their service or within one year of their retirement.